This page lists things I might be up for implementing on this website.
Might code
  • add musical symbols to wavy line on invited-guest page
  • add functionality to the web page so that Alberto can write and evaluate his own code (if he wants and has the time) to test his own implementation ideas in JS and CSS on the live site without interfering with me or others while he is experimenting. (Thus J and A don't need to use GIT to collaborate until the "merge" which would be done manually. Fortunately the code so far isn't that long so merge by hand is feasible.) So during separate working (each own "branch"), we would rely on two files "belonging" to J and two files "belonging" to A with a 5-position switch (straight / J / A / J,A / A,J ) on the live site.
Might action
  • suggest to Marty that he can have a crowded menu if we use a narrower font c.f.
  • review with Marty design ideas. Implementing design ideas on my side is v time consuming since I have to ditch a few of them in the normal course of action (as a matter of course) when designing a website. a mockup might help using a photoshop-esque tool.