Managing Images and Galleries .... by Justin
Hostinger provides one gallery type for images and no built-in way to caption them. I have added a customization so that images do display captions and there is an alternative to the gallery system that is provided for the people page.
Images should be held in the media library and I suggest at the top level since I found making sub folders in the media library made more work in the end than it saved. The media library contains images that themselves have an "alt" field. I use this for the captions. Changing a caption for the image in the media library automatically affects all usages of that image on the web site and hence its caption reflects/updates the change automatically. Caption positioning within the image and caption font size etc is customized (and non editable) and fixed by me(Justin) to whatever seems appropriate.
Images - "Getting one's ducks in a row."
I found that managing the images in a local folder on my computer or google drive or dropbox was the way to go and made creating the web site with the correct invited guest names quicker to achieve. I suggest we share a dropbox or perhaps better a google drive folder to this end and copy over whatever to the media library in future. I chatted online with hostinger about the fact that file names with non-ascii characters get mangled. The upshot of that conversation was that it is a feature. This does not affect the functionality of the web site but it does cause problems in our management of Japanese persons and so makes it useful to have a google drive (which does not mangle non-ascii file names) shared between us to be able to manage people photos and names better by copying into the media library from that shared drive.
Gallery, Schmallery
The default gallery provided by hostinger is not up to task. The use of a certain 3rd party plugin from commoninja is also lacking in functionality and also relies on storing the photos on their web site to get a carousel/image slider to work. I abandoned that idea too as a possible gallery.
I have customized so that invited guests are shown. My implementation development-wise started from the wrong angle and I reworked it a number of times. The current version and maybe final version does provide the kind of functionality needed. Merely add a section for a new invited guest in the main body around where the section is to appear alphabetically on the page and the index at the top will reflect the change.