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Hosted at the prestigious Texas A&M University. Nestled in the heart of College Station, Texas, this renowned institution provides the perfect backdrop for a celebration of the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese bamboo flute. As participants gather from across the globe, we invite you to explore the vibrant culture, lush landscapes, and Southern hospitality that define this region. From the tranquil beauty of nearby parks to the bustling energy of downtown College Station, there's something for everyone to enjoy during the festival. Join us for a harmonious convergence of music, culture, and community at the World Shakuhachi Festival 2025 in the lively setting of Texas A&M University and its surrounding areas!

Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, is not just one of the largest universities in the United States by enrollment but also a significant hub for culture, research, and student life. The surrounding area of College Station, along with its twin city Bryan, offers a variety of points of interest, retail options, and dining experiences that cater to the diverse population of students, faculty, and visitors. Here's an overview of what you can find around the Texas A&M University College Station campus:

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